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Diverse opportunities for managers

As a manager at Eberspächer, you have many different opportunities open to you. Making custom solutions possible for the automotive industry of the future always takes a crucial spark of inspiration. As a manager, this is what you give your employees. Become part of our modern management culture – a culture that inspires, questions, trusts its employees, and gives them freedom to act. Look forward to fair collaboration, shaped by our values of trust, respect and tolerance. Lead on, and launch your mobile future with us.

Coach, don’t tell

The management style for the innovations of tomorrow

At Eberspächer, managers empower their employees to handle ever more complex future challenges and to develop innovations. One of our guiding global management guidelines is “Coach, don’t tell”.
“Coach, don’t tell” is unique, distinctive, and makes managers into coaches who ask questions more often than they give instructions.

This reinforces the personal responsibility of individual employees, while helping foster custom solution approaches.

Prospects and continued training

Managers who foster agency

As a manager, you will always have the support of adjacent departments and of our HR department. You will receive the continued training you need to consistently expand your knowledge and abilities. This training will always be tailored to your specific needs.From the Development Center to specialised Power Training, you can choose from a diverse range of programs that continuously deliver new perspectives on the future.Learn more about our continued training programs here.


It’s time to MAKE YOUR MOVE

Apply now and take an important step ahead in your career!

To country selection

"Respect for one another as well as tolerance are our core values. We welcome applications from all people. We do not differentiate by ethnic, national or social origin, gender, skin color, age, language, disability, religious or other views, or sexual identity. At Eberspächer, we see diversity as enrichment and support equal opportunities."