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Uniqueness meets respect and tolerance

Diversity and Inclusion


Your diversity. Our respect.

Eberspächer is bound by strong values. All of our actions are based on trust, respect and tolerance. Based on these corporate values, we create a corporate culture that promotes different perspectives, cultures and ways of thinking. Every employee is #unique and that's just fine. Because diversity is what drives our entrepreneurial innovative strength.


Our demand

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations have defined the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They form a global, generally recognized framework that considers the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability. In the People action area of the sustainability strategy, we have firmly anchored four fields of action.

Our fields of action

Dimensions of diversity and inclusion


Around 10,700 employees from 30 countries and over 80 locations form a lively mix of cultures and lifestyles at our company. At the Eberspächer headquarters in Esslingen alone, 50 nationalitys work together on site.

We promote exchange between the locations and the development of intercultural skills among employees through global teams, intercultural training, worldwide personnel assignments and  development assignments.

In 2022, around 20 Eberspächer employees from six nations were on international assignments. The most important region for assignees from Germany is the USA with a share of around 47 percent, followed by China with 26 percent. Other important target countries are Slovakia, Canada and the UK.


Generation diversity

Whether baby boomers, generation X, Y or Z - all generations are represented at Eberspächer. It is important to us to offer both career starters and experienced professionals equal opportunities to start their careers. 

To enable our employees balancing family and career, we offer a variety of support at our sites, such as flexible working time models including mobile working, flexible working hours and shortened working weeks as well as the flexible change from full-time to part-time and partial retirement. 

The health and ergonomics of our employees is close to our hearts, therefore some plants offer ergonomically designed workplaces, height-adjustable desks, health courses and workshops to support work without health risks until retirement.

Compliance - Speak up!

In the company-wide Code of Conduct, we state clearly:

„We work successfully with people from different countries and cultures as part of our global business activities. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnic, national or social origin, gender, skin color, age, language, disability, religious, political or other beliefs, or sexual identity. We value diversity. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on these characteristics.“

We counteract possible cases of discrimination with the independent whistleblower system "Speak up!". This gives every employee the opportunity to report suspected cases anonymously.

Worldwide compliance training for the workforce helps raise awareness of diversity and its acceptance.

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Overcoming language barriers

Inclusion starts with communication! Because effective and barrier-free communication significantly promotes inclusion.

With modern collaboration tools such as MS Teams or our global intranet EBinside, we enable a global exchange of news, conversations via chat or call. Automatic translation functions also contribute to joint communication. 

In addition, we provide the language learning app Speexx as a further tool to support improved communication across nations. The language learning app offers you the opportunity to develop your language skills in a virtual learning environment, independent of time and place.

Promoting Gender-Diversity

Gender-diverse teams benefit from the potential of different perspectives and solution strategies. Based on this conviction, we advocate the promotion of mixed teams and equal opportunities between genders. We support the equal opportunities of women and individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.  At our company, hiring, promotions and compensation are always based on qualifications and performance evaluations.

Women's Network @Eberspächer

Our women's network is a strong association of female colleagues who are committed to the personal and professional development of women at Eberspächer. The network offers women the opportunity to network within and outside the company. Our female colleagues want to strengthen and motivate each other and talk openly about topics that move them as women in their careers. Online events are held twice a month across all locations, to which employees in Germany are invited.

Inclusion for ALL

Accessibility is indispensable for the inclusion of diverse employees of the Eberspächer Group.

Accessibility starts with the design of buildings, continues with communication and creates awareness in people's minds. It does not matter whether people have an impairment or not. Accessibility concerns us all.

With the help of spatial accessibility, all access points and workplaces for employees of the Eberspächer Group are to become barrier-free.

Through guidelines for text alternatives such as easy language and Braille, as well as e-learning regarding sign language, the exchange of information and communication should be made accessible to everyone.

Through more transparency regarding the topic of inclusion, e-learnings to raise awareness and inclusive health days as well as career opportunities, All doors should be open to the employees of the Eberspächer Group.



This is what we want to achieve

Our goals

We are increasing the quota of women in management positions to the same proportion of women in the company as a whole.

We will fill 50% of open management positions from our internal ranks by 2030.

We establish processes that promote diversity and inclusion and sign the Diversity Charter.


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"Respect for one another as well as tolerance are our core values. We welcome applications from all people. We do not differentiate by ethnic, national or social origin, gender, skin color, age, language, disability, religious or other views, or sexual identity. At Eberspächer, we see diversity as enrichment and support equal opportunities."