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Culture of values for employees shaping the future


Three values drive us, as a global family company: Trust, respect and tolerance. These values are the basis of our everyday work. Our MOVE strategy is also based on these values: Dedicated people can only work on Smart Solution for Clean Mobility if they can trust in the knowledge and expertise of others. We are open and passionate, curious to look beyond our own horizons, and tolerant of other world views.

Our values


We have a positive attitude and rely on the motivation and honesty of each individual.


We believe in and value each other and treat each other with respect.


We respect the opinions and views of others, even if they are different from our own.

You can do anything – except stand still

You can do a lot. That is why we trust you fully as an employee, and entrust you with a great freedom to act and a high level of personal responsibility. This allows you to move the mobile solutions of the future forward, while moving your own career ahead as well.

One example of our culture of trust at Eberspächer is Coach, don’t tell. This is an individual, distinctive management style. Managers ask employees to do certain things instead of just issuing instructions, motivating them to create individual, creative solutions.

Learn more about Coach, don’t tell here:

Coach, don’t tell.

Your diversity, our respect.

Mutual respect is a basic attitude within our company, with roots deep in our culture of values. We accept and appreciate one another, and do not act at the cost of others.

We do not tolerate discrimination, promote equal opportunities, and believe the diversity of our employees is one source from which we draw our strength. Respectful exchange among experts is the ultimate driver behind developing the mobility of tomorrow.

Shaping dialogue

An open feedback culture is important to our management. We have established several measures to promote discussion across all levels of the company. The global employee survey is your way to provide feedback to us, and forms the basis for improving many different key areas. Our quarterly employee magazine, “Team E” keeps you up to date internally, and the “Management in dialogue” series allows you to engage in direct discussions with the general management.

Taking on responsibility together

Obeying the law and legislation, complying with internal regulations and observing basic ethical standards everywhere and at all times are the basis of our economic success. Because of this, key principles for our corporate action are set forth in our Code of Conduct. Placing people in the forefront of our work is part of our self-concept. At Eberspächer, complying with our Code of Conduct is a team effort: Together, we are responsible for ensuring our actions conform with regulations and show integrity.

Further information is available in the Code of Conduct.

Earth-shaking and environmentally compatible


Millions of vehicles on the road are equipped with our vehicle components and systems. They help ensure less pollutants are emitted into the environment. From developing our technologies, throughout the production process, to delivery to our customers, we focus on environmental compatibility and on handling resources responsibly. Our recognised environmental certifications are confirmation of these goals, and we set concrete objectives for these each year.

How we take on responsibility:

Environmentally-friendly and safe technologies

Resource-saving production

Certified environmental management system

Reduction of noise and exhaust emissions

It’s time to MAKE YOUR MOVE


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