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We create the future


Eberspächer stands for movement. We focus on the mobility of tomorrow, just like we focus on your career. We invest an average of around seven percent of our net revenues in research and development. Our engineers and experts are already working today all over the world at multiple development locations on the mobility solutions of the future. We never stand still, and continue to expand our advantage as a technological leader. We can move you too.


An innovative climate that excites

We have the courage to make changes, and we promote innovation based on our firm conviction that we can achieve great things based on our own efforts. We also make targeted investments in new technologies and business areas. Smart Solutions are one of the three pillars of our corporate strategy for a reason. They directly contribute to the excitement our customers feel about our work.

Your ideas, in series production

Vehicles all over the world are shaped by the spirit, expertise, and creativity of everyone who worked on them. Everyone can and should be able to make a difference. If you join us, you can take on responsibility at our company and help shape the spirit of the times.

Become a specialist. The exhaust technology of the future, modern vehicle electronics and thermal management systems for vehicles of all drive types await you.

Examples of our innovative spirit

Tunnel mixer

The innovative mixing element has optimised geometry that makes it possible to minimise Diesel pollutants in small spaces in a highly efficient manner.


The intelligent acoustic valve reliably reduces engine noise in city traffic and ensures lower fuel consumption for interurban and highway driving.


The catalytic converter, which is fully integrated into the heater, significantly reduces both CO and HC emissions without actually altering the size of the heater.

Redundant Safety Switch (RSS)

In the event of a fault, the Redundant Safety Switch reacts in a flash. It disconnects safety-relevant functions such as brakes and electrical steering aids from the rest of the power grid, thereby securing them reliably.

Freedom to help shape the future

Our guiding principle: “We can, we should, we will” is the basis for our spirit of innovation. This means that we offer our employees trust and the freedom they need. This allows you to utilise your skills in many different ways in your work area.
You will enjoy the full trust of your manager and your colleagues, and will be assigned additional personal responsibilities. This kind of trust is motivating, and it is what makes creative, innovative work possible.

Next Shed – for innovative minds

Founded as a manufacturer of shed roofs, Eberspächer continues to reinvent itself. Next Shed is built on this spirit. As an innovative unit of the Eberspächer Group, Next Shed promotes ideas and supports the people behind them as they bring them to life. The goal is to tap into new, exciting, and forward-thinking business areas.

The concept: Everyone can contribute their ideas. Intra and entrepreneurs, Eberspächer employees, start-ups, students, and technophiles.

Find out how your ideas and our strength in implementation can come together here:

Our research and innovation centres

Exhaust Technology

Esslingen (Germany)
Novi, MI (USA)
Shanghai (China)

Climate Control Systems

Esslingen (Business Units Fuel Operated Heaters und Special Markets)
Herxheim (Business Unit Electrical Heaters)
Hermsdorf (Business Unit Electrical Heaters)
Renningen (Business Unit Bus & Coach)

Automotive Controls

Landau (Germany)
Esslingen (Germany)
Concord (Canada)

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