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A spirit of innovation for engineers

No matter whether you are a recent graduate, or already have several years of professional experience: As an engineer with our company, you’ll never be standing still. High-tech at Eberspächer means non-stop progress. We offer you plenty of freedom to act, so you can help create new technologies. You will be responsible for the entire process beyond component development, and will handle the comprehensive development process for innovative, technically complex products. Your future with us will always be interesting!

Multiplying professional expertise and excitement

As an experienced engineer, you will enjoy one thing above all else at Eberspächer: Expert exchange. At our company, we give technology space. Ask critical questions, dynamically shape mobility, improve continuously and look beyond your horizons to develop new products. Our engineers are open and interested to discuss these issues with you. This allows you to multiply your expertise and your excitement about technology.

Our insight for your high tech prospects

Whether you are interested in becoming a specialist, project manager, or manager: Our HR development keeps an eye on your individual path and your personal strengths. Enjoy exploring your prospects to take on exciting challenges and the freedom to act in the dynamic environment of a global family company. Eberspächer invests not only in research and development, but in our young engineers as well.

Examples of our engineering skill

Highly-integrated modules for the automotive future

Safety on the highest level

Safely on the go in an autonomous car: The Redundant Safety Switch connects and disconnects 12-volt partial power grids in hybrid and electric vehicles in the event of, for example, overvoltage, undervoltage or short circuits. This ensures that safety-relevant functions are safeguarded within less than 100 microseconds.

Our engineering skill connects

Innovative connectivity concept for a comprehensive vehicle check

Our connectivity concept for special vehicles provides an open platform. This allows us to fully network all vehicle elements and make them visible to the driver and passengers at a glance. The system can be operated with just a single app. Our future goal: integrating elements from third-party providers as well.

For quiet mobility

Acoustic valves for the next generation of passenger cars

An outstanding innovation in the Exhaust Technology Division is the intelligent acoustic valve for passenger cars. It reliably reduces engine noise in city traffic and ensures lower fuel consumption for interurban and highway driving.



Know-how for the technologies of tomorrow

Exhaust system for hydrogen combustion systems

Various pollutants are produced during the combustion process. To eliminate these emissions, Purem by Eberspächer relies on its know-how in catalysis and material science and has developed an exhaust system specifically for this purpose.


It’s time to MAKE YOUR MOVE

Apply now and take an important step ahead in your career!

To country selection

"Respect for one another as well as tolerance are our core values. We welcome applications from all people. We do not differentiate by ethnic, national or social origin, gender, skin color, age, language, disability, religious or other views, or sexual identity. At Eberspächer, we see diversity as enrichment and support equal opportunities."