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  • Innovation Challenge

    Your ideas are welcomed here! Submit your business idea and get a budget for bringing it to life.

Eberspächer is looking for your business ideas!

The Eberspächer Innovation Challenge!

As the incubator and venturing arm of the Eberspächer group, Next Shed encourages potential founders to participate in a special challenge: submit your business idea and apply for a budget of 20.000 Euro in total!


As a team of at least two people, you do not only submit an idea, but a concrete project plan: Which value does your idea provide for your customer? What do you want to achieve in the next three to six months? How much budget do you need to make this next step? Project goals can be: You want to validate your customers’ needs behind your business idea and you need money to conduct customer or expert interviews, or for getting access to any special market data. Or you are ready to build your first prototype or to create a simulation.

Wanted: your ideas in the areas of heating, cooling & air cleaning solutions

This time, we are looking for sustainable and potentially profitable solutions and systems for heating, cooling and air cleaning for automotive, industrial and also private applications. This can be hardware, software or services.

Submit your idea until October, 23.

Please submit your ideas on the Next Shed website.

And what’s next?

The Next Shed team will narrow down the submitted ideas. Then, the Eberspächer top management will decide at the Innovation Council taking place November, 26 which teams will move forward and how much of the budget each team will be granted. At the Innovation Council, you will have the chance to personally present your business idea tot he top management. Together with the Next Shed team, you will prepare your pitch for your big day. If you convince the jury, you will not only get financial support, but also a professional startup coach and the support of Next Shed and their network to bring your idea to life.

You need support in maturing your business idea? Participate in our Online Coaching program!

You are not quite sure which features your product should have or who exactly is your customer? In addition to the Innovators' Challenge, Next Shed is offering a free online coaching program starting October 1st: In this program, you will systematically work on your business idea together with professional business design coaches. The training takes place October1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd and includes four online modules à 2-3 hrs. In order to participate in the online coaching program, you have to submit an idea for the Innovators‘ Challange on the Next Shed website.